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A Housing & Alternative energy project in an African country

for a value of project exceeding 4 bn$ of funding needs.

Future Safe Group's collaboration with an African country for a Housing & Alternative Energy project exceeding 4 billion dollars in funding needs is an exciting development in the field of sustainable development. This project has the potential to address critical issues such as housing shortages, energy poverty, and climate change, while creating jobs and improving the standard of living for people in the region. The need for Housing to the Government and private employees is being supported by the government and also assures Govt. Power purchase agreement for alternative energy projects being integrated into the overall Infra project.

The project will involve the construction of affordable housing units and the implementation of alternative energy sources such as solar and wind power. This will provide access to safe and affordable housing for low-income families and communities, while also reducing reliance on fossil fuels and mitigating the impact of climate change.

The project's funding needs exceed 4 to 5 billion $ (US dollars), which demonstrates the scale and scope of the initiative. The investment will be used to cover construction costs, land acquisition, renewable energy infrastructure, and other necessary expenses.

Future Safe Group's commitment to sustainable development and project management will be instrumental in ensuring the success of this project. The company has partnerships with Strong EPC companies of delivering successful projects that create long-term benefits for communities and the environment.

The Housing & Alternative Energy project aligns with Future Safe Group's vision of creating a better future for all, and the company is committed to supporting sustainable development in Africa and around the world. The project will create jobs and generate revenue for local businesses, contributing to the region's economic growth and development.

Overall, the Housing & Alternative Energy project in an African country for a value of project exceeding 4 to 5 billion US dollars ,$ of funding needs is a critical initiative that has the potential to bring significant economic, environmental, and social benefits to the region. The project demonstrates the importance of investing in sustainable development and provides a model for other countries to follow in addressing critical global issues.

Future Safe Investment and Holding Company, Llc Registered in Delaware - part of Future Safe Group ,will be using it's utility and or Security tokens to raise funds from Retail and corporate investors, HNWI and family offices,as a Holding Company that will ensure stake in the African country company in the ratio of 20-40% (to be decided mutually)in favour of Future Safe Group and hence will share it's profits to the Retail investors who buy our Utility Coins, and or Tokens or Shares(ICO - with appropriate approvals).

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Seshan Krishnamurthy

CEO & group Chairman

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