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Future safe - Tradefinanceinstrumentprovider

Future safe

Future Safe, is a go to business Services firm  and provides Funding And or Non-funding Instruments from Banks based out of India and Abroad, as well as Asset Tokenization service provider platform to raise funding .  We have plans to  grow to all parts of the world and in establishing our presence and consulting as well as services. 

We are recruiting  Specialists, Industry professional with experience all over the globe.

Future safe - Tradefinanceinstrumentprovider

What We Do?


We are providers of Best Trade finance Instrument like LCs, SBLCs, BGs, offshore accounts, Payment gateway Service Provider, Escrow services, RWAs, POFs, and also Bond Funding options. We focus on all types of Importers ,Exporters ,Contractors, Project Implementation Companies, and also any form of Companies requiring  A transaction or deal or project executions to be guaranteed all Industry verticals. We also offer raising funds mechanism through Asset Tokenization of any type of Assets to draw retail and corporate or HNWI individuals. Please reach us for more info

Futuresafe Group Trade Finance Business Plan

Our Team

Our group is the result of a Vision and Mission by group Chairman, and Ceo Mr.Seshan Krishnamurthy, (Whose profile can be seen in Linked in link below) to create a one stop market place and Solutions portal for the services shown in our site. Our professional team is being onboarded, step by step to bring experience, expertise and professionalism of the highest order to inspire trust & confidence to all those who come in here and seek solutions to their problems and needs.

Grow Your Business

Every business or entrepreneur are different and demand tailor made and practice solutions to specific business problems or hurdles. We are focussed in establishing customer centric approach, based on merits and within the legal and process strong policies of the respective banks and our Company policies.

Futuresafe Group - Chairman's Message

Consult Us

We greatly appreciate your visit to our site cum online store and spending your mist valuable time learning about our group & services. We shall be delighted if you could surely join our site as a regular visitor, and as our prospective client and put in your contacts and register your needs, as well as subscribe .

Thanks for submitting!

Head Quarters

  • India

  • Cambodia

Representing Offices

  • Laos

  • UK

  • USA

  • Columbia

  • Zambia

  • Singapore

  • Dubai

  • Tanzania

Growing Worldwide Soon...!




+91 80150 87406

+855 864 79345

USA Toll free number

UK Toll free number


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